Down for Maintenance (Err 3)
At HostGator, we are constantly striving to improve the service we provide to our customers. As part of this ongoing effort, we have moved your service to a better order management platform that supports 10’s of thousands of our other hosting customers. This means there is a brand new platform waiting to greet you and help you manage your orders. Some of the changes we are excited to bring to you as part of this transition are:

--> A new and improved user interface to manage all aspects of your HostGator account. You can login with your email ID at
--> New cPanel theme - cPanel theme will be upgraded from the existing X3 theme to Paper Lantern. You can read more about the deprecation of the X3 theme from the cPanel blog.
--> Your order has been migrated to our state-of-the art data center located in the US
--> You will be able to manage the lifecycle of your domain registration orders too.

In case you have any further queries, feel free to call us on 1-800-266-3000 or send an email to